Call Blocker Best Android App 2023

Call Blocker Best Android App
Call Blocker Best Android App

For a variety of reasons, call filtering apps are becoming more popular. The increase in telemarketing, robocalls, and scam calls is one of the primary causes. Many individuals are searching for solutions to block these calls because they may be a huge inconvenience and intrusion.

An effective and user-friendly tool that lets you block unwanted calls and texts is called Call Blocker: Blacklist App by Kite Tech. This software is ideal for you if you’re sick of telemarketers and robocalls or just need to remove someone from your contact list.


You can utilise the blacklist feature of the programme to block particular contacts or phone numbers. Additionally, you can block specific patterns of numbers, such as all numbers that begin with a specific area code or prefix. You can also block phone numbers that other users have flagged as spam. Here are some other features of this app-

  • Simple call and SMS blocking
  • Ban private phone numbers.
  • Block all parties besides contacts.
  • makes use of keywords or phrases to block SMS spam.
  • Employing a prefix or postfix to block phone numbers.
  • Blocking log for calls and SMS.
  • Backup and restoration.
  • Control SMS and call blocking alerts.

The app’s call and message logging is yet another fantastic feature. You can quickly identify who has been attempting to contact you by seeing a list of all blocked calls and texts. You may also use this to unblock any numbers you may have mistakenly blocked.

Why Use Call Blocker

The Kite Tech Call Blocker: Blacklist App is very simple to use. It is simple to navigate and maintain your blacklist and whitelist thanks to the interface’s clarity. To ensure that you get the most out of the app, it also comes with comprehensive instructions and advice. Here are the reasons why you should use this app-

  • Avoid telemarketing and other undesired calls.
  • Stop unwanted calls from ringing nonstop on your phone.
  • Block calls from unknown numbers to protect your privacy.
  • Make sure crucial calls are not unintentionally blocked.
  • Security is another consideration when creating the app. Only you are able to access and make changes to your blacklist and whitelist because they are password-protected. The app also employs end-to-end encryption to guarantee the security and safety of your data.

How to Use

  • Download the application from the play store or iOS store.
  • To block any numbers, open the app and add them to the blacklist.
  • Turn on call blocking in the app’s settings.
  • Enjoy a phone call that is uninterrupted and more pleasant.



Anyone who wishes to limit their calls and messages needs the Call Blocker: Blacklist App. It is the ideal choice for blocking unwanted calls and messages because of its strong features, usability, and security. Additionally, the app has a whitelist option that enables you to designate specific phone numbers or contacts who should always be able to contact you. Important connections like family members or coworkers can use this. Try it right now to experience a calmer and more structured phone experience.