How to see anyone’s WhatsApp Chat

How to see anyone's WhatsApp Chat
How to see anyone's WhatsApp Chat

It is for sure that you spend a major chunk of your precious time on social media, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, online messengers, Instagram, etc. You need some help to monitor all your time on social media and as a parent, you would be anxious if your child use mobile phones for a larger time. Nowadays, through the advent of online education, students are required to keep updated with all the notifications.

However, there are some demerits attached to it. Children take advantage of it and continue using social media even after there are no such important messages of their class. in this article, I will tell you about such an app that enables you to check all your activity statuses. Please read it till the end of the article, to get high benefits from this.

How to see anyone’s WhatsApp Chat

WaStat tracker is an app that assists you in monitoring all the time that you spend on social media and helps to view the online last seen of another person. This app has more than 5million downloads on social media. Along with this, it has a 3+ rating.

Features 0f WaStat-WhatsApp tracker App!

It has several features, for it has innumerable customers worldwide. Let us discuss a few of its merits.

  • You can track your time – If worried about the large spending of your time on social media, it can highly benefit you by keeping a check on your activity status and managing all your time for different work as well.
  • Shows online last seen – If you want to know someone‚Äôs last seen, you can view it through this app.
  • Time intervals can be viewed – Through this app, you can look into time intervals, and that too in a handy clock view.
  • Online stats could be analyzed – It helps you to collect information and examine online stats for the past 30 days. It means all your activity status for the last 30 days could be viewed in this.
  • Monitor over 10 profiles – Another feature of this app is, it enables you to monitor more than 10 profiles.
  • Notifies you when a person is online – WaStat-WhatsApp tracker sends you timely notifications when a user is online.
  • Do not breach the WhatsApp privacy policy- This app does not breach the security policy of WhatsApp and the terms of usage.
  • Does not allow hacking of accounts – The best part of this app is it never hacks the accounts of the users.

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How to see anyone’s WhatsApp Chat

  1. Download the WaStat-Whatsapp tracker app from the Playstore.
  2. After downloading this app, you have to ensure that the apps of the third party are being allowed on your mobile phone. To allow this, first go to menu, then settings, then security, and then check Unknown sources to allow your device to install the apps from other sources.
  3. After this, allow all the permissions required to access the app.
  4. After all the downloading process is done, and after allowing all the permissions, you can access the features of this app.



  • User-Friendly Experience
  • User Interface and Ease of Use
  • Available on both devices Android and PC


  • Not work perfectly