Google Warns Android and iPhone Users: Avoid These Mistakes while using AI

Google Warns Android and iPhone Users
Google Warns Android and iPhone Users

Google Warns Android and iPhone Users: Google recently upgraded its AI chatbot, which it named Gemini.

In the days following, the company cautioned Android users as well as iPhone users to be mindful of their privacy and security when using AI. The company advised that you do not give out any personal details with AI.

Google always strives to offer the best possible experience for its clients. Recently, the company has updated its chatbot AI Gemini for customers so that more users can avail of Gemini’s benefits.

However, at the exact the company has issued a warning regarding using AI in apps for smartphones.

Google released a cautionary statement regarding the privacy and security dangers associated with AI in the context of Android as well as iPhone.

Google’s Gemini App Privacy Hub blog says that users are forbidden from sharing personal details during any interactions with Gemini apps.

Do not share confidential information in AI

  • The company claimed it believes that Gemini apps are like a redesigned Google Assistant. Please do not include private information or other information in your conversations which you do not like a reviewer seeing or that Google uses to improve its services, products as well as machine learning technology.
  • Google provided customers with the reasons that they must safeguard their personal information. Google said that after conversations are reviewed the conversations are not deleted for a specific period of time after you have deleted Gemini Apps Activity.

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Data is saved even when the activity is off

Google added that if you disable Gemini Apps activity, your conversations will be saved in the account for a period of 72 hours.

This permits Google to process and use any feedback. But this information will not be visible on Gemini Apps activity.

In addition, chatbots can be activated using the voice, even if you’re not planning to.