How to Forward a Call Without Doing any Settings

How to forward a call
How to forward a call

Call forwarding is a system through which you can transfer a call via a different route. For example, you can transfer all your calls to your place of work while you are on any trip or any vacation. So, by doing the call forwarding you can enjoy your vacation, make calls from your mobile phone, and can still ignore the irrelevant calls. We all need such a kind of app that avails us of the benefit of forwarding a call without going to the settings.

One such app is the “Call Forwarding” which provides us the services of forwarding a call instead of going to Settings and then making changes there. In this article, I will describe to you what is Call Forwarding app, what are its features, how it works, and how to use it to get its maximum benefits. Please read it till the last of the article to get major information about this app and receive its benefits.

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Details of Call Forwarding app

The call forwarding app is the app that provides the service of forwarding a call to various other numbers without any difficulties. You don’t need to go to the settings and then change it further. It could be downloaded in one go and then you can click on the option and after that, your call will be forwarded.

The call forwarding app has more than 500k downloads and has 3.8 ratings on the google play store. Call forwarding is an excellent app that provides you with various essentials in checking that your calls are quickly and easily forwarded.

It helps at times when you unknowingly enter a roaming area and want your call to be transferred to a number in that area without using your phone, you can set the device to airplane mode, and then all the work would be handled by the Call Forwarding. Being full of advertisements, there is no other competition for the Call Forwarding app.

Features of Call Forwarding app

Call forwarding has innumerable customers because it has various features. Some of them are:

  • You can transfer a call by just downloading the app and tapping on the option of forwarding a call.
  • Through this app, you can set the calls which you want to be forwarded in diverse situations, such as when you are busy and you are not on your way, and forward in those times when you are unable to reach.
  • This app ports the call to the new number that you will submit to the app.
  • It helps in forwarding the call through SMS as well.
  • It provides the benefit of using two local numbers at the same time.
  • Its price is affordable and cheap, that is, $2.99 for one item.
  • You will be get updated on of your both two numbers at the same time without much difficulty.

How to use this app

  • You can download this app from the google play store and provide the number you want to submit.
  • Tap on the “forward button” and your calls will be redirected through this.