How to make free calls without any deducting charges

How to make free calls
How to make free calls

Hello and welcome readers, today I will tell you how to make free calls without taking any deducting charges. Yes, you can also make international calls with this app and there is no charge for deductions. This app is mainly designed to make calls and you can get better calling features with this app.

I will tell you all features of this app and honest reviews about this app. By the way, the app name is Freecall and it is available on Google Play Store. It is a completely free app for calling purposes. So, let’s talk more about this app.

How you can make free calls?

You have to get some points/coins by which you can make calls anywhere. And for that purpose, you have to see some ads. One thing which is important to mention here is that it is not an earning app you can only get coins for calling. And also you can’t use these coins out of this app.

When you want to make a call, especially an international call then you have to give a charge and it may be high if you talk more. But it is a free app for International calling and you will also get a number for that calling.

Advantages of the Freecall app

In this section, we will talk about the advantages of the Freecall app. I will describe these advantages in some points.

  1. You can make an international call.
  2. You can get a private number for calling.
  3. The call is completely free of cost.
  4. You can earn coins.
  5. You can also make calls at a number in which you are blocked.
  6. If you want to hide your number while calling then it is the best method.

These are some advantageous features of this app, in the next section, I will tell you about some honest reviews.

Honest review about this app

  • No doubt, that it is a good app to make free calls without taking any deducting charges.
  • People who want International calls are happy with this app and give 5 ratings.
  • Sometimes there was a problem with loading ads.
  • Too many ads for a small several coins are irritating for some users.
  • Sometimes there is also a deduction in coins without any call.

For getting more and better features team of this app is working on customer satisfaction. And you will not get these problems in the next updates.

Frequently asked questions:

Ques. How can I make free international calls?

Ans. You can use the Freecall app for free calling, this app is free of cost at the Google play store.

Ques. While calling from this app, is it possible to see my original number?

Ans. No, a new number will be displayed on the screen in place of your number.

In the article, I have explained to you well how to make free calls without taking any deducting charges. I have told you about Freecall, it is completely free of cost. You will get some coins from this app for calling, there are some honest reviews about this app. I hope you will like this article if you have any questions you may ask them in the comment section.


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