How to recover deleted photos from the DiskDigger app

How to recover deleted photos
How to recover deleted photos

Many times, you are stuck whenever you are unable to recover your lost or deleted pictures from your device. It could be a screenshot of your document or could be your beautiful memory, of any event. The reason might be this as well you unknowingly deleted a picture and realized later that it was an important one. You have to face many difficulties to recover that lost photo and then use it further.

Diskdigger app assists you in recovering the lost pictures, movies (videos), important documents, etc. from either your internal memory card or the external memory card of your device. Through this article, you will get to how can DiskDigger provide you with your lost media, what are its benefits and what are the steps through which you can use it. Please read it to the end, to get the complete information. How to recover deleted photos from the DiskDigger app

What is Diskdigger app?

The DiskDigger app is used to recover the picture or a video that got accidentally deleted from your mobile phone and restore all of them. This app has more than 100 million downloads and has above 3.7 ratings on the google play store.

Benefits of using the DiskDigger app

Have you analyzed that this app has been downloaded by crores of people! It implies that the DiskDigger app provides its customer with innumerable benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • Through the DiskDigger app, you get a provision of uploading all the restored data to Google Drive, or Dropbox or transferring them through email.
  • You can restore all your deleted documents, pictures, and videos within minutes.
  • The app enables you to save the restored file to another local folder of your mobile phone.
  • It asks for your location, to access all your files and folders to recover all of them.
  • After your device gets rooted, the app will begin the process of tracing the pictures and the deleted media.
  • You can also permanently delete the pictures that you don’t need any further.
  • You may use the option of “Wipe free space” to erase the excess free space on the mobile phone so that the files which are permanently deleted are no longer permanently deleted.

Steps required to use the DiskDigger app

Let me now inform you of the steps through which you can access the DiskDigger app.

  1. Download the DiskDigger app from the google play store.
  2. Then, tap on the option of starting the basic scan.
  3. Then, tap on the Settings option.
  4. Then select the range of the data, that is the minimum date of the file or the maximum date of the file.
  5. After this tap on ok.
  6. Select the photos that you are looking to recover.
  7. After this, click the option of the arrow which points downwards.
  8. Lastly, you have to select the location at which you want to restore the photos.
  9. After all these steps, you can enjoy the services of this app.