How to Share Screens While Talking

How to Share Screens While Talking
How to Share Screens While Talking

Do you want to share your screen while talking to people? Do you want to make them visible what all the content is available on your screen? If yes, you can do it with the Vani Meetings. With this app, you are free to display the screen of your phone to the people when you are talking. When you have to take an online class whether you are a student or a teacher, the Vani Meeting app could assist you in serving that part.

With this app, you make your phone’s screen visible to all your contacts and your friends. with the help of this app, you can look into someone’s phone and hang out believing that you were together at that very time. In this article, I will give you a detailed explanation of the Vani meetings app, what features it provides, and how it functions. Please carry on reading this article till the last of it.

Vani Meetings- share Screen While Talking

The Vani Meetings app is an application that provides you to share the screen of the phone at certain important meetings, such as online classes, conferences, webinars, preparing for events, etc. it enables you sharing the images, and important documents, certain E-commerce websites. This app has more than 1 million downloads and has 3.9 ratings on the google play store. It is 16 MB in size and is rated for 3+ children.

Features of the Vani Meetings App

Let me inform you of the features of the Vani Meetings App. This app has several benefits, some of which are:

  • It protects its customers from spam and unknown phone calls with the feature of caller ID. The feature of a call blocker enables you to block certain unknown calls on the phone and spam calls into the list of call blocks.
  • It has an attractive dialer while making calls and adding fresh contacts.
  • You have the accessibility of tapping once and then calling your dear contacts.
  • It has the feature of searching Fast T9 in the recent calls that you have made.
  • It reaches all the contacts, on the main screen.
  • You can also search by typing numbers on the dialer.
  • This app has huge support for the language.
  • It has extremely clear with better navigation.
  • You can browse websites, can read documents, watch several movies, and look into someone else’s phone.
  • Also, you can invite all your friends to view it on the computer and any device.
  • You don’t require to sign up or login into the app.
  • It does not hack your phone which means, it is a very safe app.

How can you use this app

  1. Download the Vani Meetings app from the Google play store.
  2. Just tap on the option of sharing screens.
  3. After clicking that option, share the link.
  4. Then, share that very link to your phone.
  5. Now, you are ready to watch the information of another person’s phone.

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