How to Unblock Yourself On WhatsApp 2024

How to Unblock Yourself On WhatsApp
How to Unblock Yourself On WhatsApp

Trying to figure out how to unblock someone on WhatsApp? For those who have been blocked on the well-known messaging app, WP Unblocker: Smart Unblock is the best option. With the help of this app, users can quickly regain access to their blocked WA account and resume communication with friends, family, and coworkers.

You can unblock yourself using WP Unblocker: Smart Unblock. We will be explaining to you how to unblock your own WhatsApp account.

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What Is WP Unblocker App?

One of the best apps for unblocking yourself on WhatsApp is this one. Additionally, you can send a direct message to WhatsApp contacts who have blocked you.

Features of WP Unblocker

  • You can unblock your account easily.
  • Use WP Unblocker: Smart Unblock app to send messages to your contacts.

How To Download WP Unblocker App?

The WP Unblocker: Smart Unblock app can be downloaded by following the steps below:-

  • Launch Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • In the search box at the top, enter “WP Unblocker: Smart Unblock”
  • Pick the first app that appears.
  • You’ll see a button labelled Install; select it to download and install the application on your smartphone.


How to use the WP Unblocker: Smart Unblock?

Make sure the new WP Unblocker app is installed on your phone. If you don’t already have it, you must download the WP Unblocker app to your phone by following the steps given above.

Open the Unblocker app after downloading it to your phone and enter the WhatsApp account that blocked you. You must write any message after entering your WhatsApp number, then check the boxes next to Unblock and Message. Next, click the Unblock button.

To communicate with your WhatsApp contact, tap the Send message button. Don’t worry as just the next day, you will regain access and with that you will receive a notification that you’re unblocked. If you are still blocked, repeat this procedure to unblock yourself.