Free मे Unlimited WiFi कैसे यूज़ करें?

How to used Free Wi-Fi
How to used Free Wi-Fi

Many times whenever the internet plan expires, we search for free Wi-Fi Networks throughout the City. But it is too difficult and even though we got the network we don’t know the exact password of it, but in this Problem, Instabridge helps you to hunt the Wi-Fi passwords and networks.

This application is spread worldwide and has more than 20 million hotspots and a password network. It is increasing day by day. Also, it has lots of inbuilt features and it mainly helps you in traveling to unknown places.

Other than hunting for Wi-Fi passwords it also provides you with an offline map that helps you to find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot network with its password. Similar to the fact that there are lots of features in it, we will discuss them one by one. So keep reading till the end to capture the free Wi-Fi networks.

What is the Instabridge application?

Instabridge is the platform that gives you millions of free Wi-Fi networks, with its password as well. Other than that you can also use this application as an offline map. Similarly, there are lots of features available we will discuss below.

This wonderful app is provided by Degoo Backup AB -Cloud company. As it is currently free to use. It has more than 100 Million downloads on the Play store. And it has more than a 3.8-star rating. That is quite good in this field.

This App also has in-app purchases available that start from Rs.50 to Rs.8,400/- only. But we don’t prefer to purchase it, because your work will be going on with the free version as well. It is quite a big app in size ( 51.40 MB in size) and also with lots of features.

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Features of Instabridge

There are a lot of features that Instabridge provides you some of the major ones are as follows:-

1. Offline mode.

In this application, you will get an offline map that helps you to find the nearest hotspot network. This is very useful when you are traveling outside your area.

2. Power Search.

With this power search feature, you will get quick Wi-Fi access and with their launcher button, you can get the exact location of the free hotspot.

3. Security

It is a very safe and secure application, it protects your data from acres and also gives you the axis of the internet free of cost. Also, you can get 10x better quality in web browsing.

4. No limitation

There is no limitation on the data and you also get unlimited internet without any cost.

5. User friendly

It is a user-friendly application because it works very smoothly and better. Also, there is an auto connection option in it that helps you to connect automatically to the Wi-Fi that provides you internet free.

6. Don’t need to sign up

To use this application you don’t need to sign up for this application and don’t need to share your information with them. That’s also one of the positive things about this application.

Also similar there are lots of features available in it but we cannot cover them all. You can try these features by downloading this application.


How to use the Instabridge app

You need to follow The below steps to used free Wi-Fi.

  • Firstly you need to download the latest version of Instabridge from the above link.
  • After successfully downloading it, you need to open this application and give the location permission to it.
  • Now you need to use the different features that Instabridge provides you. Such as Wi-Fi, map, VPN, and more.
  • At the Wi-Fi center, you will get the nearest Wi-Fi network with its password.
  • Similarly to that on the map option, you will get the nearest free Wi-Fi networks available in your area.
  • That’s it you need to just click on show password and you will get the password of it.
    And now you can use the free Wi-Fi access.
  • As this application is free to use ads will be run between running this application. But it doesn’t interrupt your work.

My opinion

This application is very cool and easy to use. This application especially helps those people who are traveling far from their houses. Because sometimes we need urgent access to the internet but we can’t do that. So in that case this Instabridge application helps you. If you are traveling away from your house then you must have this application. Please share your opinion about this app in the comment section so that it helps us to understand your reviews.