WhatsApp is ready to release an author’s message info feature

WhatsApp is ready to release an author's message feature
WhatsApp is ready to release an author's message feature

Following the announcement that WhatsApp launched the possibility of renaming Linked devices, the company is set to publish another tool for companies today for more on their outgoing WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, and desktop. Provides information to the author of the messages!

What is Author Message Info?

WhatsApp is working to improve the experience using multiple devices. Starting today, companies using the beta version of WhatsApp Beta for Android, iOS and Desktop are now able to see new information on their outgoing messages if there are certain devices belonging to the same account:

Image credit by WABetaInfo
Image credit by WABetaInfo

As you can see in these screenshots, every time you send a message from WhatsApp Business, you can read the sent device name from the information on the message. For example, the message you see in the screenshot taken from WhatsApp beta for Android, It is sent from a linked device called an “MCOS”. Instead, in another screenshot of WhatsApp beta for iOS, we sent a message from this device, so we read the name Push. In addition, the word “admin” indicates that the message is sent from the main device.

Author Message Info

Note that this is another commercial tool, so this feature will not be published for standard WhatsApp accounts. In addition, the information of the author of the message will not be shared with other people, but will only be shared with people connected to your WhatsApp account. WhatsApp now deploys this feature for companies that use the latest version of WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS and desktop and other activation plans to activate in the coming weeks.

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