WhatsApp is developing a two-step verification code.

WhatsApp is developing a two-step verification code
WhatsApp is developing a two-step verification code

Are you afraid of your data being stolen or shared with other people? Do you want to make encryption to such an extent that it could keep all the documents safe? Here comes the new feature of making all your data and chats protected through double verification code.

When logging into an account, WhatsApp intends to make some significant changes. In particular, the company is now working on a second feature for a future update of WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS that enhances an extra layer of security before logging into a WhatsApp account. Please read this article all the way to the end to learn everything there is to know about WhatsApp’s new feature.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a FREE messaging and video calling app from Facebook. Over 2 billion people use this app in over 180 countries. It is a simple, dependable, and private app that allows you to easily communicate with your friends and family. WhatsApp works on mobile and desktop devices, even over slow connections, and there are no subscription fees. WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, and Desktop is finally allowing more users to send documents up to 2GB in size.

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What is two-step verification code feature?

WhatsApp continues to work on improving privacy and security in their app. Following the release of the ability to customize our privacy settings by excluding certain people from seeing our information and the extension Code Verify to check the integrity of our WhatsApp Web version’s code, the company is now developing another characteristic to improve user security on WhatsApp by requesting a double-verification code.

End-to-end encryption protects your personal messages and phone calls to friends and family. No one else, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to your chats. It provides free secure video and voice calls to up to eight people. Your calls work across mobile devices by utilizing the Internet service provided by your phone, even over slow connections.

You rarely attempt to register your phone number on another mobile phone. However, when the feature is made available to beta testers, any recent attempt to log into your WhatsApp account from another device will necessitate the entry of an additional verification code. This comes with the misfortune that users actually gave away their 6-digit code as a result of being duped by a fake or stolen account. WhatsApp is currently developing this feature to protect users who may inadvertently share their 6-digit code.

How does the new feature works

  1. Log into WhatsApp account.
  2. After the first successful attempt to log into a WhatsApp account, another 6-digit code is required to complete the process
  3. Following that, one more message is sent to the phone number’s owner.
  4. The individual will be notified if an attempt is made to log into their account.
  5. As a result, people will be aware that someone is attempting to log into their account via WhatsApp, and they will not share the 2nd verification code to finish the process.

NOTE. WhatsApp is first instant messaging app to support this feature, and we believe that the double verification code can be a final solution to prevent account theft when two-step verification is disabled. Unfortunately, it is still in development, so we do not know when it will be released, as with any other feature listed on this website, but there will be an article when we have more information.


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