Internship Programme: What else can be more rewarding and satisfying than giving “Talent” a real platform. Here at Bebak, we people believe in the power of writing and if you love to write on any topic then This platform is for you only. Currently, the platform has over 50 bloggers from student, politician, academician, celebrities and legal experts who contribute their writing with us with the subjects which they are passionate about and if you too want to join the list then we welcome you with “Open Heart”.

Internship Programme’s Detailed Information :

Objectives of Trendinghour.com:

1. Right now we are focusing to compile News/Articles those are helpful in our day to day life only (Not
Breaking News).

2. Topics include :

  • Politics: India and world
  • Entertainment: Hollywood, Bollywood and movie critics.
  • Business
  • Education
  • Health
  • Lifestyle: women, food, yoga tips, relationship, recipe and foods, tour and travel
  • Technology: Auto and science
  • Gadgets: Mobile, Laptop, PC etc
  • Sports

3. Currently, the language we are preferring is Hindi (in future we will cover some other languages too)

4. Articles length must be between 500 words to 1000 words but for
issue related content it can be of any length but should not exceed 1500

5. A content writer can only choose 2-3 topics depending upon
their choice of writing, as what we believe is “for a good content your
words must be derived from your passion”.

We will be highly obliged for your content and your priceless contribution to our portal. The articles on our portal belong to the writers only and we will give full credit to the writer apart from the payments and Internship Certificate.
For a better understanding, you can also take a reference to some of the articles written by our writers from bebak.in Writer may also suggest their own topic.