The Apple Vision Pro is now available for purchase at approximately Rs 3 lakh – Check all the details here!

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s famous mixed-reality headset Apple Vision Pro is now available for purchase. The price is approximately Rs 3 lakh.

Cook, the CEO of the company, said that it would have more than one million apps available at launch. 600 were designed specifically for headsets.


  1. Apple Vision Pro is now available for purchase.
  2. Apple’s first Mixed Reality headset is now available in America.
  3. Apple Vision Pro is priced at $3,499.

The Apple Vision Pro is now available for purchase

Apple Vision Pro is one of the many products that Apple has to offer. Today, the company began its sale. Apple has started selling its first mixed reality headset in America today.

We can tell you that Tim Cook, the CEO of the company, has provided a great deal of information before the sale.

Apple Vision Pro is now on sale. The sale of US Apple Store Vision Pro began on Friday, 2nd February. Apple Vision Pro costs $3,499, if we’re talking about price.

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The device comes with 600 applications

The CEO of the company said that this device, at launch, provided access to over 1 million apps. Out of those, 600 were specifically designed for headsets.

Tim Cook announced the official launch date of Apple Vision Pro. He also shared some new information. The Vision Pro goes on sale for the first time.

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These special features are included

  • This reality headset, Vision Pro from Apple, offers a 3D interface that is customized.
  • This device is easy to use because it can be controlled by the user’s eyes, hands, and voice.
  • This device allows you to easily transform any space into an entertainment center that includes car racing games, movies and TV.
  • This device also includes Dolby Atmos spatial audio technology.
  • The headset offers new possibilities for creating, working with and consuming digital media.