Vani Meetings – Share Screen While Talking

Share Screen While Talking
Share Screen While Talking

If you want to look for that application that helps you do share screen while talking then the Vani meeting is the best for you. It helps you to share the screen instantly with your friends or any relatives.

Whether you are a student or teacher or working for a company There is a time when you want to share your screen with others, but unfortunately, you can’t share it with them. Now, you wouldn’t get any Dilemma for sharing screen, because we are here taking a solution of your problem, that Solution name is Vani meeting.

With the help of this application, you can share your screen with all your contacts, with just some simple clicks and that’s it. This is a very user-friendly application and easy to use that anyone can handle this app. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail the Vani meeting application, what are the features of the Vani meeting, how the Vani meeting works, and lots of similar questions we are going to answer, so keep reading till the end.

Vani Meetings – Share Screen While Talking

Vani meeting helps you to share the screen of your device with the people. Mostly helps in the Education sector, as in the pandemic situation, also there are so many uses of this app such as while webinars, Meetings, Online Events, etc.

This application is made by Bolo International Limited, and currently, it has more than 1 Million+ downloads on the google play store, also it has almost 12k reviews in that it has an overall 3.9 Start rating on the Play store, as in this category it is quite good.

Features of Vani Meetings App

The best thing about this application is the features, let us get the Important Features of the Vani meeting, the major features are as follows:-

  • It helps their user to block the spam calls and Certain Unknown numbers that you want to block you can easily do that with the help of their Caller ID Feature.
  • You can add any nearest number and with a single click, you can call them with the help of this application.
  • The Major Feature of this application is you would not have to Sing up or login into this app, without that you can easily access the app.
  • It prevents your device from hacking, which means it is fully secure and safe from the user’s point of view.
  • You can invite multiple friends on your device to share the screen with them.
  • You can easily what’s the movies and videos, read the documents, or even can shop together with the help of Vani Meeting.
  • This app supports a vast (Lot) of language support, which means you have plenty of options to use it.
  • You can also invite your friends by dialing there number and even can search with the help of a Dialer and find them.

How to Use Vani Meetings App?

  1. If you want to Use the Vani Meetings, then follow The below steps you can easily use the Vani Meetings without any trouble.
  2. Firstly you need to Download the Vani Meetings application from the Google Play Store by clicking on the download button giving bellow.
  3. Then you need to just upon the share link option, can you can easily share with your friends.
  4. After your friend will click on that link, you can easily access the share screen of your friend, for your friend can access your screen.
  5. Now you can enjoy the Vani Meetings features with your friends.


Requirements to Use Vani Meetings

If you want to use the Vani Meetings, there are very few requirements to use this application that you must be used the Android version 7.0 or greater than that.
There are so many in-app purchases available in this application that start from Rs. 50 to 400, but without any purchase you can we easily use that, so please don’t waste your money.

Conclusion:- In this article, we have gotten detailed Information about Vani Meetings and also we have covered lots of questions such as Uses of Vani Meeting, Requirements to Use Vani Meetings, Features of Vani Meetings, and also How to Use Vani Meetings.


  1. What is the Vani Meetings application?

Ans:- It is a Screen sharing application that helps you to see the friends screen while talking as well, it is totally free to use.

2. Are we need to Sign up in Vani Meetings app?

Ans:- No, There is no requirement Sign up on this application, without finally you can also access the application and use its features of sharing screen.

3. Who is the maker of the Vani Meetings application?

Ans:- Vani Meetings app is created by Bolo International Limited and launched on the 19th of September 2020 on the google play store.

4. What are the Requirements for Using the Vani Meeting app?

Ans:- The simple requirement to use the one a meeting application is that you must use an Android phone and that you have used Android version 7.0 or greater than that.

5. Is Vani Meeting free?

Ans:- Yes, you can easily use the Vani Meeting application free of cost available on the Google Play Store you wouldn’t need to pay a single amount for that.