WhatsApp news of the week: new features in development for iOS

WhatsApp news of the week
WhatsApp news of the week

WhatsApp news of the week: If you don’t know what has happened to WhatsApp recently, then don’t get down on yourself or try to parse every bit of news as it comes.

To catch up with our summary that week if you missed ours is the best time for this recent WhatsApp beta updates for iOS, Android and desktop.

The best news of the week is concerning the new theme feature being worked on by WhatsApp for iOS! In this article we will tell you about WhatsApp news of the week that you have missed.

Weekly Whatsapp News

As part of the WhatsApp beta for Android update, we have made it known that a new feature allowing users to share audio during video calls can be tested by select beta testers.

WhatsApp is developing an optional feature called Meta Verified which will allow verified channels to be added by businesses. This notice was reported sometimes back in news about WhatsApp beta for android update

The Android beta version of WhatsApp is a bug-fix release that resolves an issue where the app crashes when trying to delete or forward status updates.

Thanks to the most recent WhatsApp beta for iOS, we have learned that WhatsApp is currently developing a theme feature that will allow users to select the app’s primary color in the future. The best news of the week, in our opinion, is this customisable feature.

Users can now control input and output devices directly from within the app settings with WhatsApp beta for Windows. We suggested a new archived chats filter as a way to improve the iOS app’s user interface.

WAbetainfo proposed the idea of offering two viewing options for films and images that disappear. They also discussed a potential feature that would allow group chat users to conceal messages from blocked contacts.

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Q. Is there any news about WhatsApp?

Answer. WhatsApp trials a new feature that allows users to search for other users by using their username. “Users will be able to connect with others without necessarily disclosing their phone numbers. This is particularly beneficial for those who wish to maintain a level of anonymity or control over their personal information”, the report said.

Q. What’s new in WhatsApp update?

Answer. Now, WhatsApp has made it possible for everyone to log two WhatsApp accounts at the same time on Android devices. In this way, it is even easier to switch between different accounts such as work and personal accounts.

Q. Has WhatsApp changed its layout?

Answer. For some time now, WhatsApp has been testing out a new look for its Android app that makes it more like its iOS counterpart by putting in a bottom navigation bar. At last, this layout is rolling out to all customers. However, this does not mean that the UI transformations are done within WhatsApp.

Q. Why is WhatsApp green in Colour?

Answer. Health, Tranquility and freshness are represented by green color. It symbolizes growth and makes people feel calm and comfortable. Green is also how healthy plants look so it reminds individuals about nature and well-being.