10 New WhatsApp features Expected to Launch in 2022

10 New WhatsApp features
10 New WhatsApp features

Hello friends, how are you welcome to our website today in this article top 10 New WhatsApp features 2022. Friends, if you have WhatsApp application installed in your mobile, you use WhatsApp application in your mobile, then today’s article is going to prove to be very amazing and helpful for you. So keep reading this article from beginning to end.

In today’s digital age, everyone uses many social media applications, but WhatsApp is the social media platform that most people use. Whenever someone comes with a new mobile, he first installs the WhatsApp application on his mobile. WhatsApp application is used by people for chatting with their friends relatives and for voice call video call as well as other things. You get to see many features from WhatsApp.

As you all know, WhatsApp keeps on bringing new features for its users. WhatsApp rolls out features every year to improve the experience of its users. Friends, in today’s post, we are going to tell you about not one or two but 10 features of WhatsApp in 2022. You might know one or two of these features, but you are going to be completely new to these features.

1) Sending Disappearing Media Files

Friends, this is a completely new feature of WhatsApp, with the help of this feature, you can send a photo or video to the person you are chatting with on WhatsApp by setting it in the view lineage. The advantage of this feature is that the photo or video that you have sent to a person, then as soon as he sees that photo or video, it will be automatically deleted. After the arrival of this picture, you do not have to delete the photo or video after sending it to anyone.

2) Multi device support

Talking about this feature of WhatsApp, all WhatsApp users were waiting for this feature for a long time. With the help of this feature, if the internet of your mobile phone is off, then you can use the same WhatsApp in four different devices. Earlier it was necessary for your main device to have internet on but now it is not so. This feature was earlier rolled out for WhatsApp Business users but now it can be used by all.

3) Mute the video before sending

Let us tell you that friends, this is a new feature of WhatsApp, with the help of this, if you send a video to someone, then at that time you can mute the voice of that video. Sometimes it happens that when we record any video, unwanted sound comes in the background of it. With the help of this feature, while sending a video, you can send the video by clicking on the volume icon above in the WhatsApp chat.

4) Sending and receiving money

Friends, WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp payment feature in 2020 but at that time it was not available to everyone. But now this feature has been published for all users. With the help of this feature, you can send and receive money to anyone, you can also do UPI transactions very easily with the help of Mint feature on WhatsApp.

5) Video calling from computer

Friends, this feature of WhatsApp is a very good feature and people were waiting a lot for this feature. With the help of this WhatsApp feature, you can make video calls very easily with the help of your laptop or computer. From the same WhatsApp number which is also active in your mobile. For this, you have to connect your WhatsApp to WhatsApp Web on your computer and laptop. Right now this idea is not available for video calling groups.

6) Transfer WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to Android

If someone had an iPhone and wanted to switch to an Android mobile, he would find it very difficult to transfer his WhatsApp chat backups to Android. But after the introduction of this feature, you can easily transfer WhatsApp chat from any of your iPhone to Android mobile phone. Right now, WhatsApp check transfer feature from Android to iPhone will have to wait a bit, but iPhone to Android chat transfer feature is available for everyone.

7) Join later WhatsApp group call

Friends, talking about this feature, this feature is being liked very much by all the people and personally it has become my favorite feature. With the help of this feature, whenever there is a call in your WhatsApp group and you miss that call, even after that you can join the group call. And without any permission you can leave the group call and join later.

8) Group admin can delete WhatsApp group message

Talking about this feature, this feature is quite an amazing feature, with the help of this feature, if you are the admin of a group and someone messages in the group, if you want to delete it, then you can delete it for everyone. But friends, the sad thing is that this feature has not yet become public for everyone, it is available only for some beta testers.

9) WhatsApp message reaction

Friends, this is the latest feature of WhatsApp and it is a very new feature, with the help of this feature, whenever someone messages you, you can reject it. For this, you have to hold the message sent by a user and after that you will get to see five emoji in front of you, with the help of which you can react to it.

10) WhatsApp Lock

Friends, this new feature of WhatsApp is a very good feature for your security. After the introduction of this feature, you can keep your WhatsApp application locked so that not everyone can access your WhatsApp without your permission. For this, you have to enable fingerprint by going to the security settings of WhatsApp.


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