How To Create And Send WhatsApp Avatar On Android And iOS In 2023

Create And Send WhatsApp Avatar
Create And Send WhatsApp Avatar

Have you ever wanted to make your chats on WhatsApp more entertaining with personalized avatars? Well, now you can with the messaging app’s latest feature. Similar to Apple’s Memoji and Snapchat’s Bitmoji, WhatsApp Avatars allow you to create a digital animated version of yourself by customizing features such as your haircut, clothing, facial expressions, and accessories. So let’s learn How To Create And Send WhatsApp Avatar On Android And iOS In 2023.

What are these WhatsApp avatars?

In the same way that Apple’s Memoji and Snapchat Bitmoji are digital animated representations of you, WhatsApp Avatars are the same thing. You have the ability to design an avatar that most closely resembles you, thanks to the messaging behemoth.

You may customize your avatar by adding different elements like your haircut, clothing, facial expressions, accessories, and much more. Furthermore, according to a blog post by WhatsApp, the company will soon introduce additional design enhancements, such as lighting, shading, different hair textures, and more.

How To Create WhatsApp Avatar On Android And iOS In 2023

1. Go to “Settings” in the bottom navigation bar on WhatsApp and click on “Avatar” next to your name.

2. Choose “Create your Avatar” and a website with information on WhatsApp Avatars will appear. Select “Get Started” to begin the creation process.

3. Pick the skin tone that matches yours and tap “Next.”

4. You will then have numerous options for customizing your avatar, including clothing, body type, eye shape, color, makeup, and more. You can also modify the shape, marks, and lines of your face, as well as your mouth, lips, nose, earrings, and facial hair.

5. Choose the options that best fit your personality and tap the mirror icon on the right side of your avatar to view yourself.

6. Once you have finished modifying your WhatsApp Avatar, tap “Next” to return to the Avatar area in the app.

How To Send WhatsApp Avatar On Android And iOS In 2023

1. On your iPhone, open a WhatsApp chat and tap the “sticker” button in the text box. On Android, tap the emoji icon in the text field.

2. You will see an icon for WhatsApp Avatars beneath the GIF and sticker options. Select this icon.

3. You can then choose from various emotions represented by the WhatsApp Avatar stickers, such as love, sadness, anger, and more. Select the appropriate sticker and send it. WhatsApp generates over 36 stickers based on your avatar.

4. Alternatively, you can go to “Settings” then “Avatars” and select “Browse Stickers” to choose a specific sticker to send. Use the “Forward” icon in the top right corner to send the avatar sticker to the desired chat.


In this article we discussed How To Create And Send WhatsApp Avatar On Android And iOS In 2023. It will be easy and quick to create and send a WhatsApp avatar on Android and iOS smartphones. You may quickly build a unique avatar that symbolizes you and share it with your loved ones on WhatsApp by only a few touches on your device’s screen.