Whatsapp users can now change themes

Whatsapp users can now change themes
Whatsapp users can now change themes

WhatsApp users can now easily change their apps themes: It seems that WhatsApp is considering adding a feature called Themes, which will provide users with customization options, for their app. WABetaInfo found evidence of this feature in the iOS WhatsApp Beta version.

The introduction of this feature will allow users to have access to a section where they can choose from five different color options to personalize the app’s appearance; green, blue, white, coral and purple. In this article we will explain how WhatsApp users can now easily change their apps themes.

Whatsapp users can now change themes?

Enhancing accessibility and visual appeal are two possible outcomes of the latest modifications to the personal messaging app. One feature that might be especially useful for users with specific color preferences or visual impairments is the option to alter the branding color.

“The freedom it offers users to express themselves through color is one of the main benefits of this new feature. Users can choose from five options for the primary branding color, which can either accentuate the app’s visual appeal or connect with their personality.”

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What’s More In The New Theme Update?

The report also mentions that WhatsApp may go one step further and allow users to customize their bubble color in the future, providing them with even more personalisation options.

In other news, WhatsApp will no longer provide Android users with free Google Drive storage space to store their chat history, which includes pictures and videos.

Users will soon have to choose between signing up for a Google One subscription or having their WhatsApp data saved on Google Drive count against the 15GB storage limit due to the recent changes.

According to WhatsApp, all users will begin to receive the new features in 2024, and the company will begin informing users 30 days in advance through a banner found in WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat backup.


Q. How can I change my WhatsApp theme?

Answer. Launch the WhatsApp application and select Settings, then Chats, and finally Theme. Then, choose either of the following options: Dark: Tap on Dark > OK.

Q. Can I make WhatsApp pink?

Answer. Pink WhatsApp APK is an unofficial version of the Android WhatsApp Messenger app. It provides extra customization options to users including: A pink colored user interface theme; Individual tick marks and chat bubbles.

Q. Where is the Dark theme in WhatsApp?

Answer. Open WhatsApp and tap on the three-dotted menu to access Settings. -Under chats, there will be another section called “theme.” Choose dark from the available options. Another option open to iOS 13 and Android 10 users is ‘system default’.

Q. Why does WhatsApp turn blue?

Answer. The second tick mark in a group chat implies that all have received your message. Once all have read your message, two blue check marks will appear. If you edit a message, read receipts are reset allowing you to see who has viewed your updates.