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A warm welcome to our official website, bebak.in. Bebak.in is a website that provides all the important technology-related news, developments, updates in software and games, newly launched features in certain apps, and honest reviews of various applications, for all the users of android as well as IOS. If you want to take benefit of any of the above-written services, please join us and subscribe to our website- bebak.in.

After the technological sector boosts in India, many apps, games, softwares are being launched and are used by millions of people. This shows the importance of getting official and true news about what is coming into the technological market. To get direction on how to use that app, and how to get a profound explanation of the feature that has been updated, you need a platform or a website, wherein you can ask your doubts, and get knowledge of the new feature or an app.


Bebak.in is an online content-generating website, which gives you a lot of technical news, about the newly launched applications, updates to another version, all the released features, along with the process of using those features, describing each benefit that you will get after installing the application. We post the article daily so that no user could miss any information.

Bebak.in has highly experienced engineers, who are well versed in explaining what the feature actually wishes to do and how it can benefit the users. If you enjoy reading articles that are based on the certain app-related description, you must get a subscription to our Bebak.in website. If you don’t do that, you will end up missing all the recent technological updates and advancements.

About me

My name is MD Gufran. I am the founder of the Bebak.in website. My age is 23 years. I am an undergraduate. I reside in Bihar and belong to a humble family. I have envisioned providing the technological news about apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. through my website and will work efficiently on that.

Our Mission

Our very objective or our mission is to make people knowledgeably empowered about the new features, new apps launch, new games, and their benefits to the users. We strive to collect every possible information and then present it to you in a clear and understandable manner. The more people would connect with us, the more people would get the advantage of the website news. Kindly subscribe to our website and take advantage of all the articles.