Why Is Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Overheating?

iPhone 15 Pro Max Overheating
iPhone 15 Pro Max Overheating

Apple introduced the iPhone 15 lineup, its newest line of smartphones. iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max are the four smartphones of the new lineup. But soon after the launch there has been a major problem with iPhone 15 Pro Max as many customers are complaining about the overheating issues.

In this article we will tell you about Why Is Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Overheating? Read the full article to know the actual reason behind the Overheating problem of iPhone 15 Pro Max.

What Is The Problem With iPhone 15 Pro Max?

The newest iPhones from Apple have already begun to be shipped, but some users have complained about the Pro models overheating. As per some reports, Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo has asserted that the heating problems with the iPhone 15 Pro models are unrelated to the 3nm node used by TSMC for the A17 Pro chip.

For your reference the base iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are powered by the same A16 Bionic chip as the iPhone 14 Pro models from the previous year. The new A17 Pro chipsets, which are based on TSMC’s 3nm architecture, power the iPhone 15 Pro models.

Reason Behind The Heating Problems With iPhone 15 Pro Max?

According to Ming Chi Kuo, “compromises made in the thermal system design” could be the root of the overheating problem. By making these concessions, Apple was able to lighten the iPhone 15 Pro models. Kuo asserts that the devices’ decreased thermal efficiency is a result of their titanium frame and smaller heat dissipation area.

What Will Be The Impact On Users?

The iPhone 15 Pro Max models are getting too hot to touch, according to users. Additionally, according to some tests, the processor is throttled when this occurs to lower the iPhone’s temperature.

It is crucial to remember that these tests were carried out to benchmark the new iPhones and were subjected to rigorous use cases.

Users may not notice a difference in their daily lives as a result of this, but it remains to be seen how Resident Evil Village and Death Stranding will play on iPhone 15 Pro models with console-quality graphics.

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How might Apple resolve the problem?

Apple is anticipated to make software updates to address the thermal problems. However, unless the manufacturer intends to limit processor performance, improvements might be limited. Shipping volumes for the iPhone 15 Pro could be affected, according to Kuo, if Apple is unable to “properly address this issue.”


In this article we discussed about Why Is Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Overheating?
Apple is a renowned company and is known for its excellent product quality and customer services. But recently there have been many reports of overheating iPhone 15 Pro phones, which is concerning for both the brand and the customers.

Apple will probably find a quick solution to the iPhone 15 Pro Max overheating problem by updating the software or any other way. Till then users should be aware of the problem and take precautions to not use their smartphones when it overheats.