Twitter will now charge $8 per month for the Verified Blue tick accounts

Twitter will now charge $8 per month
Twitter will now charge $8 per month

Recently Elon musk became the new owner of Twitter. After that he made a lot of changes to Twitter, one of the changes is of the blue tick. Elon shared a tweet where he shared that the blue tick will be charged 8$ per month, on a subscription basis. This can be a piece of very big news and conspiracies on it, this topic is like a debate on the news all over the world.

After the blue tick became available on a subscription basis it is very easy for users to verify their account on Twitter. But for some users, it will be too costly. Today in this post we will talk about the Blue tick charges on Twitter. Hopefully, you are excited about the information related to Twitter. So keep reading till the end so that you can get an overview of this Matter.

Twitter will now charge $8 per month for the Verified Account

Yeah, you read this right Twitter will now charge 8$ per month which means around 650 INR. Elon musk says that there are very different priorities on Twitter to give the Blue tick. And before this was a very lengthy process as well. But now it can be a very time-saving process and anyone can verify their account for just 8 dollars.

If you talk about the price of the blue tick subscription then Elon says that the price will differ according to the reason and country. Before at the start, it seemed that day would charge $5 per month for this blue tick, but now they have increased the price.

If we talk about specifications for India the price for the blue tick will be very cheap and low as compared to other regions. This will be very quick and the user does not go through the vast process.

Also, Elon says that there are some additional benefits also given to the blue tick user on Twitter. Such as no limitation on characters, can edit the post after publishing, etc. Also, the blue tick holder gets priority on Twitter. That means whenever the user comments on any post his comment will be shown at the topmost. That’s pretty amazing. Also, the blue tick users get very low ads on their accounts than others. Also, similar varieties of features Elon musk gave you when you buy the Blue tick subscription.

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Final verdict

In this post hopefully, you have learned full info about this Twitter will now charge $8 per month for the Verified Blue tick. Also, they will give a very unique and useful feature for the blue tick user. In our opinion, this is not a very good decision by Elon musk because many users can also misuse it for just 8$.

Share your options in the comment section about the step Elon musk took on blue tick. So that we can also understand your side regarding this topic. Because everyone has a unique and different mentality and thinking ability. Thanks for reading till the end, share similar love with us regularly to get valuable information like that.