How To Get Verified On Instagram A Step-By-Step Guide?

How To Get Verified On Instagram
How To Get Verified On Instagram

The best way for brands and social media influencers to become popular on Instagram is to get verified. In addition to confirming your authenticity, getting that “blue tick” gives you more control over your online presence by making sure your profile is the only one representing your brand.

In this article we will tell you about How To Get Verified On Instagram A Step-By-Step Guide? And how to successfully apply for an Instagram verification badge.

What Is The Meaning of Getting Verified On Instagram?

You must have seen some profiles of famous people like sports persons, actors, influencers and brands with blue tick on Instagram. The blue tick that you get on your profile indicates that Instagram has verified you as a famous individual and it has given you a distinct presence.

Verified accounts are more searchable and get more security from Instagram. The blue tick helps people to make sure that the person they are following is real and not a fake or a fan account.n

Significance Of Getting Instagram verified?

For a lot of people getting verified on Instagram represents achievement. It gives you a feeling that you are famous, and it looks cool, and increases your influence.

But those aren’t the only reasons why you should get verified on Instagram. Verification on Instagram offers the following advantages:

1. Preventing fake accounts

Getting the blue Instagram badge has many benefits, one of which is that it makes you instantly recognisable to anyone searching for you or your brand. By doing this, you’ll make sure that you don’t lose any potential fans to imitators, parodies, or fan accounts.

2. You gain trust of people

A verified account also shows that you are a well-known person or brand. This is because Instagram only verifies accounts that have been featured in news publications or have a large following.

Having a verified account can help you to build trust with your followers. When people see the blue checkmark next to your name, they know that you are the real deal.

3. It helps you in SEO

Getting the blue tick ensures that your account will always come out on top in Instagram searches for terms related to your account name.

How To Get Verified On Instagram A Step-By-Step Guide?

Using the steps below, you can ask for verification if you’re sure that your Instagram account satisfies all the requirements. Just enter the necessary information by going to Settings > Account > Request Verification:

  • Name in full
  • Your username if you have a different username for your account.
  • Your “category” or account type (which includes Blogger/Influencer, Business/Brand, and more)
  • An identification proof issued by the government (this could be your passport, driver’s license, or national ID). Incorporation documents, utility bills, or tax filings are all acceptable submissions for businesses.

By doing this, you are just submitting your account for review, so Instagram will check if you are eligible for the verification badge or not.

You can still improve your chances if you follow the requirements for eligibility.

How To Increase The Chances Of Getting Verified On Instagram?

1. Updated Instagram Bio and Profile-

Displaying a full Instagram profile with a bio and profile picture is essential to being eligible for verification. Give a clear description of your offerings and include a call to action to maximise the content of your Instagram bio.

Put a link to your website, online store, or email signup. To further distinguish your profile, you can add unique fonts, symbols, categories, and personalised hashtags in your bio.

2. Make unique and quality content-

You need to work on increasing your presence on the social platform(s) where you want to be found. A great way to build the reputation of your brand on social media is to customize your content.

Users will be able to recognise your brand more easily if you use custom or brand hashtags, include your brand logo in your posts, and keep your aesthetic consistent.

You should aim to create content that connects with your audience. Make the most of Instagram Insights, the platform’s analytical tool, to ascertain the preferred types of content for your audience.

3. Stand out-

The blue Instagram badge cannot simply be obtained by requesting it. You must appear frequently in news sources, be highly sought-after, and be well-known to the general public. Being mentioned in sponsored or promotional content is not considered.

4. One request per account for verification-

Instagram states that your account needs to be “the unique presence of the person or business it represents.” Basically, neither you nor your brand are allowed to have more than one verified account.

How To Subscribe Meta Verified Blue Ticks On Instagram?

Mark Zuckerberg stated that Meta Verified wants to increase the security and authenticity of its services. When you sign up for Meta Verified, you will receive a verified badge and Meta will defend your account against attempts at impersonation.

Meta asserts that paying the monthly fees of USD $11.99 on the web or USD $14.99 on the app will improve your visibility and broaden your reach. More people will see your content in their feeds, search results, and comments.

To subscribe to Meta Verified, users must first join the waitlist and meet certain requirements. They must have prior Facebook or Instagram experience, be 18 years of age or older, and present a government-issued ID with their name and photo that exactly match those on their Facebook or Instagram accounts.


In this article we discussed How To Get Verified On Instagram A Step-By-Step Guide? There are many advantages of getting verified by Instagram. You can increase your chances of getting verified using the information given in this article, and then you can start taking advantage of all the benefits that come with having the blue ticks next to your name on Instagram.

But the most important thing is making engaging posts, timing their publication based on analytics, and building a community centered around your brand.

You should engage with your followers by responding to comments, making an Instagram Stories poll, or holding contests, this helps you in getting more influence.


Q. Is there a trick to getting verified on Instagram?

Answer. Display your recognition on Instagram as a searched person. Instagram states that they look for accounts that have been mentioned in numerous news sources when looking at verification.

Q. Can we buy blue tick on Instagram?

Answer. Users can now purchase Meta Verified, which will grant them a blue tick with some additional features. Users can pay USD $14.99 per month to purchase verification badges from Meta Verified, a subscription-based service, on the iOS and Android apps for Facebook and Instagram.

Q. How much is a blue tick on Instagram in India?

Answer. In India iOS and Android users can get the Meta verified services for Rs 699, by authenticating their accounts using a government ID proof. After successful verification, users’ profiles will display a blue tick.

Q. Who is eligible for Meta verified?

Answer. The eligibility criteria for Meta Verified services are:

  • User should be at least 18 years old is a requirement for eligibility in Meta Verified.
  • Have a public or private profile linked to your full name, and with a profile photo that shows your face.
  • Have two-factor authentication set up, which can be done after payment