The Launch Date Of OxygenOS 14 Based On Android 14 Announced

The Launch Date Of OxygenOS 14
The Launch Date Of OxygenOS 14

We now have an official date for when OnePlus will launch OxygenOS 14, its next-generation interface. The new OxygenOS 14 is soon going to launch for existing as well as upcoming OnePlus smartphones.

In this article we will tell you about The Launch Date Of OxygenOS 14 Based On Android 14 Announced. According to the company, OxygenOS 14—which is based on Android 14—will be released globally this month. What to anticipate is listed below.

OxygenOS 14 Release Date

In this year, OnePlus will release the OxygenOS 14 operating system for its devices, which is based on Android 14. The company has adhered strictly to the naming strategy because OxygenOS is one of the special software.

Few OnePlus phones have already received updates with OxygenOS 13 running on Android 13. In addition, the OnePlus 10 Pro received Android 13 first among non-Pixel smartphones, beating out devices from Samsung, Realme, OPPO, and other manufacturers.

The company claims that its goal with the new update is still to give users a quick and seamless experience, and to accomplish this, it is introducing a new performance platform called the Trinity Engine. Better multitasking and power management capabilities are the goals of this.

What Is New In OxygenOS 14?

There are six new technologies included in this to enhance the gaming and general performance of OnePlus phones: CPU Vitalization, RAM Vitalization, ROM Vitalization, HyperBoost, HyperTouch, and HyperRendering.

It would be best to hold off on making any changes until the launch event until we have more information about what changes OxygenOS 14 will bring about.

Along with the new adjustments, anticipate several Android 14 features, including the Photo Picker, a number of lock screen customizations with new Material You themes, app cloning, and more, as well as a number of new security and privacy features.

The first OnePlus to receive the new OxygenOS version is another unknown. But we anticipate the Nord 3 and the OnePlus 11 to be included. In case you forgot, the OnePlus 10 Pro was also eligible to participate when these phones joined the closed beta testing of OxygenOS 14. Thus it is likely that OnePlus 10 Pro might also receive the update.

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Design and Enhancements for OxygenOS 14

OnePlus made significant UI changes by adding the Material You-based Colour UI feature, which draws its color inspiration from the selected home screen wallpaper. With OxygenOS 13, it enhanced that feature, but the UI didn’t undergo any substantial changes.

As a result, OnePlus’ OxygenOS 14 update, which is based on Android 14, may bring about significant UI design improvements. The home screen, lock screen, notification tray, quick settings area, and other UI components can all be changed with the OxygenOS 14 update, though it’s unclear which ones OnePlus will enhance.


In this article we discussed The Launch Date Of OxygenOS 14 Based On Android 14 Announced. The OnePlus Open, the company’s first foldable phone, may receive something in the future and be listed among the “OxygenOS 14 eligible phones” list. It would be best to wait for the official word since the announcement is a few days away. Regarding OxygenOS 14, we’ll keep you informed. so pay attention!